Gentlemen, My Advice is: Marry Well

I'd like to share one way my life has been vastly improved by marrying well: I live in beautiful spaces.

I was just reading the other day that marriage in the United States is in decline. Speaking from the man's point of view, that's a real shame, because I have personally benefited almost beyond measure by being married, and I highly recommend the state. I'd like to share just one way my life has been vastly improved by marrying well: I live in beautiful spaces.

There is something in me that craves beauty in my surroundings. When I am in an ugly space, I feel oppressed, there's no other word for it. I'm annoyed, and depressed, and my mood is decidedly soured.

The problem is, I personally have little talent for making spaces beautiful, apart from just knowing the difference. But this is where I married well. My wife, Janet, has talents galore and to spare in this area. Over the past few years, she has beautifully transformed our home as we transitioned from raising children to retirement. Here, let me show you some of what she's done for me:

This is my home office, formerly the kids' bedroom. Who doesn't love a wall of books! She put my rock and mineral collection front and center, getting them out of the dusty boxes they were formerly stored in. My wonderful Yamaha P515 piano, a recent addition (and something that deserves a whole blog post of its own) is right at hand. Having a piano so handy has revitalized my composing. Access to your medium is 9/10ths of art – you never know when inspiration will strike. This room has two full windows that face south, so it is always filled with light.

In the right-hand photo you can see one of many quilts that she has made, this one hanging over my bed.  Can you imagine how wonderful it is to wake up to that every day?

This is the spectacular remodeled upstairs bathroom. The photos don't do the yellow wall paint justice; the color is very intense in the morning as the sunshine streams through, then very pale at night.

This isn't just a "bathroom". This belongs in a decorating magazine. Those flowers hanging on the wall are photos Janet has taken on her walks and trips. The floor is beautifully tiled in a light grey and white pattern. It is now literally my favorite room in the entire house.

Here are some photos of my "man cave", the downstairs family room. The ceiling is low, so Janet has used a variety of shades of color and vibrant quilts to extend the sense of space. She asked me what kind of room I'd like to spend time in, and, having just returned from a visit to New York City, I told her I wanted "New York Sophisticate". It's perfect. Perfect.

What a blessed husband I am! Beauty is so important to me, and I thank God every day that I get the joy of living in such a wonderfully-crafted space. My house is truly a home.

Thank you, Janet.


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