My Dangerous Romance

To love is to flirt with danger, but love can only bloom when one is bold.

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"My Dangerous Romance", music by Davide C. Marney

To love is to flirt with danger, but love can only bloom when one is bold and courageous. Courage is only needed for a moment, for the decisive moment, when the paths diverge and one must choose a direction that will either take you closer to, or further from, your destination.

Where do you want to be? Are you willing to love dangerously, if only for a moment?

Programming Notes

Instrumentation: Yamaha P515 electronic piano
Performer: Davide Marney
Copyright: (c) Copyright 2020, Davide C. Marney. All rights reserved.

The piano solo is written in a minor key with three sections. In the first section "the question" is raised – should I, or should I not take this dangerous step of revealing how I really feel to the person I'm in love with? The end of each phrase in this section suspends a G chord over Am, and then resolves it back to Am. This reflects that when asking yourself dangerous questions like this, you suspend your current reality and in your mind you imagine a different reality where you have taken the different path. You always come back, however, you always resolve back to your current life because you haven't in fact, taken it yet.

The second section is the question answered: you have decided to take the second path, to leap into the dangerous, unknown territory. There is joy, elation and a sense of adventure. The orchestration leaves the tentative, questioning phrasing, and becomes confident, powerful, full-throated. You are taking the chance!

But what is the response? Was the risk rewarded? Was the love returned? The third section returns back to the tentative nature of the first. The answer is you don't know yet. You've made your move, but now you must wait....


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