Political Correctness in Higher Education, by the Numbers

Selected statistics from "The Second Great Age of Political Correctness".

The Second Great Age of Political Correctness
The P.C. culture of the ’80s and ’90s didn’t decline and fall. It just went underground. Now it’s back.

Number of colleges with speech codes in 2009:
  - Very restrictive codes: 74%
  - Vague, easily abused codes: 21%

Ratio of self-identified liberal faculty to conservative faculty:
  - 1996: 2-to-1
  - 2001: 5-to-1
  - 2019: 9-to-1
Ratios by department in 2019:
  - Economics: 3-to-1
  - Mathematics: 6-to-1
  - Administration: 12-to-1
  - English and Sociology: 27-to-1
  - Anthropology: 42-to-1

Number of attempts to punish faculty for speech since 2015: 471
  - Number of these who were tenured: 172
  - Number of these who were fired: 27
Percentage of these attempts coming from conservatives: 30%

Take the top 100 universities. Subtract those with "red light", severely restricted speech codes, those with a successful disinvitation campaign, and those with a "Bias Response Team" to enforce speech codes.

Only 2 institutions will be left.

Number of attempts to disinvite speakers on campus: 200
Number of those disinvitations that succeeded: 101

Number on campus who say there is a hostile climate against their beliefs:
  - Conservative faculty: 70%
  - Conservative graduate students: 62%

Number of faculty who openly admit to discriminating against conservatives:
  - In grant proposals: 20%
  - In paper submissions and promotions: 10%

What Should Be Done?

Don't donate to nor send your children to any institution that is overtly political when that is not its mission. As an alumni, demand that your alma mater dump its speech codes and defend free speech.


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