Pop Quiz!

Put on your thinking caps, boys and girls, and let's have some fun!

pop quiz 2012 -0654 by Split the Kipper
  1. amphibology
    * A grammatically ambiguous phrase, or
    * An animal capable of living both on land and in water?
  2. saucier
    * An impertinent or insolent remark, or
    * A chef or cook who specializes in making sauces?
  3. flocculent
    * Resembling tufts of wool, or
    * Soft and flabby?
  4. celerity
    * A crunchy, stringy vegetable, or
    * Swiftness of action?
  5. wonted
    * Being needed or desired, or
    * Customary, habitual?
  6. blithe
    * Carefree and lighthearted, or
    * Not irritating or stimulating; soothing?
  7. fez
    * A pressed, dry candy dispensed by a toy, or
    * A man's brimless felt cap?
  8. au courant
    * A small seedless raisin of the Mediterranean region, used chiefly in baking, or
    * Well informed; up to date?
  9. photophobia
    * Fear of light, or
    * Fear of being photographed?

  10. * A Monty Python sketch about knights, or
    * What something was originally called?


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